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What Does Your Car Color Say About You?

July 3, 2014
Are you the type of person that always buys the same color of car? Or do you like to change it up with each car purchase? I usually see most of my friends and family picking similar colored cars year after year. The colors seem to fit their personality in some way or another. And it turns out that other people have found the same thing! I discovered countless articles online about what car colors mean in correlation with personality traits. So, just for fun, I made this car color quiz. Can you guess what color matches with what personality trait? (Of course, there are plenty of people that might defy these answers, but hopefully you enjoy the process!) Answers are in the key below the graphic, so don’t scroll down until you’ve finished the quiz! car color quiz   ANSWER KEY: 1. g    2. d     3. a    4.c    5. f    6. b    7. e