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Car Accident? Now What?

December 19, 2016
There’s no doubt that car accidents are terrifying for everyone and something we all strive to avoid, but as the saying goes: accidents happen. Although it’s hard to think straight after you’ve been involved in a car accident, there are necessary steps to take afterwards.
  • Get to a Safe Area
            If your car is at all drive-able after an accident, pull over to a safe area to avoid holding up traffic or causing another accident.
  • Check to See if Everyone is Okay  Check to see if you and/or your passengers have any major or minor injuries, then check to see if those in the other vehicle are okay as well.
  • Call the PoliceReport the accident to the police and let them know where you are located. It is important to call the police even if the other person involved in the accident doesn’t want you to. Most states require you to call the police and they are there to help protect you from fraud and establish a liability.
  • Collect Information from Other PersonMake sure to exchange your names and addresses, insurance information, vehicle information, and licenses plate numbers. Collect as much information as you can to help protect yourself as much as possible during this accident. Also, take pictures of the accident. Get photos of both your car and the other vehicle(s) involved.
  • File a ClaimContact your insurance company as soon as possible to file a claim! As soon as you have all of the information from the other person involved, call your insurance company to make sure you will be covered.
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Debbie's experience with collision

November 12, 2010

where all the magic happens ...

I just received an email from someone who unfortunately had a slight fender-bender. That’s never any fun, but fortunately, her experience after the fact – made it all alright! Here’s her story: Q.  So, what happened? A. “I was in a hurry for work Saturday morning and had to have my Starbucks. I was pulling into a parking space and I guess my distance/space reasoning was not awake yet. My passenger side totally went into a large trucks bumper.” Q. What was the first thing you did? A. “I checked out the other car and was happy that I didn’t do anything to it. Gave the young lady my number. Got my coffee; made it a double! Q. What next? A. “So, Monday morning I went straight to McCarthy Collision, met with Danny Larson- who was SOOOOO nice. He assessed the damage and gave me an estimate. Then I called my Insurance Company, and of course McCarthy is an approved vendor! I gave Danny my claim number and he is taking care of the rest. I will grab my car on Wednesday and that is it!” “Thank you Danny for making my tragic car drama so easy!” Thanks, Debbie Droskin “Debbie from Glitters”