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Back to School safety tips

August 17, 2010
Back to School

Back to School

Yes! That’s me and my two brothers!!! 🙂 Please don’t laugh too hard! It’s Back to School time! The kiddos may not be ready to hit the books, but the parents are glad to have the kids back in the classroom. It’s important to remind our children to keep safe, coming to and from school! Here’s some basic tips on bus safety:
  1. Have a safe place to wait for the bus
  2. Keep a safe distance from you and bus when entering and exiting
  3. Be aware of other drivers
For all the walkers and bikers out there;
  1. Wear reflective material – stand out
  2. Have a walking buddy
  3. Be aware of other drivers and traffic signs/signals
  4. If biking, walk your bike through intersections
And the most important rule for “carpooling” is to always buckle up! Whether, you’re driving or riding, always have your seat belt on! And if you’re the driver in the carpool, make sure your car is up to date on its service schedule to ensure  you’re keeping your car at maximum safety. So, who’s excited for Back to School?