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Who drives Hybrids?

January 24, 2011

To Hybrid or Not to Hybrid?

To Hybrid or Not to Hybrid? That is the question. When you’re in search-mode for a new vehicle , fuel-efficiency and the environment come into factor (for most.) A lot of consumers are worried about their carbon footprint and maintaining a “green image.” For a lot of people, researching the option of a Hybrid is fairly common. I asked my father his opinion on Hybrid models, how many are driving them, whether they are projected to grow,etc. Just like any other vehicle, they fit a specific niche. Roughly 6% of car owners drive Hybrid. It serves a purpose … just like most cars do. Currently, he drives an AWD Hybrid Escalade. Oxymoron, you may think? However, he’s maintaining a certain lifestyle without sacrificing convenience or the environment. For the family man, lugging around grandchildren while pulling a boat, it’s a perfect fit. He is able to pile us all in; making only one trip to dinner at grandma’s. Oh and fulfilling his “Go Green” duties. So, if you’re in search of or ¬†interested in a Hybrid … consider your lifestyle. As always, if you have any specific questions, please let me know!