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Behind the Wheel, Under the Hood

Do you need a new battery?

October 4, 2010

Battery Charger on wheels!!!

So … it’s fall time! Leaves are falling and changing colors. Speaking of change … let’s talk a bit about batteries. I asked one of my Service Managers if I was able to check my battery on my own. Nope! So, next step is to find someone who can. Our service departments hook up your battery to a battery-tester, which charges and loads to the appropriate size. What is it checking for? Reserve capacity of a battery. So, how are batteries different:
  1. Size
  2. Cost
  3. Size per vehicle
The Machine will tell us whether your battery passes or fails the test! If it fails, you need to replace your battery. You may ask … are there any signs you should be looking for?
  1. Slow Crank (when you turn the key)
  2. Age (If it’s been 4-5 years, it may be time)
Stay tuned for more tips on maintaining your vehicle into the colder months ahead.