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Learn the Lingo: Auto Shop Talk

April 14, 2015
There’s nothing worse than stepping foot into an auto mechanic’s shop and feeling like everyone is speaking a different language. For that matter, there’s nothing worse than feeling like everyone is speaking a different language no matter WHERE you are! But knowledge is power, and you can feel totally in the know and in control by just learning a few key terms and slang words that get throw around the auto shop. Read this post and soon you’ll be talkin’ shop with the best of them! -aftermarket: parts made by companies that are not the original manufacturer -grease monkey: nickname for the mechanic -CAT: abbreviation for catalytic converter, which is part of your emission system and converts toxic pollutants into exhaust -wrenching: term for when the mechanic is working on the engine of your car -dead axle: also known as a lazy axle, this is the part that connects the wheels that don’t control the steering, such as the rear wheels -dyno: shortened slang for “dynometer,” which is a tool used to measure an engine’s horsepower -menu pricing: this term is used to describe the cost of your services. It is a bundled price that includes the cost of parts and labor to fix your car. -run-out: variable, warped or wobbly surface area on any part of your vehicle -baldinis: a slang term to describe bald tires, which put your car at risk of slipping and crashing -CV joint: short for constant velocity joint, which is the part of your wheel axle that allows your car to turn right or left. -toe-in/toe-out: refers to the alignment of your car’s wheels. (Toe-in means the wheels are intentionally nonparallel.) -RPM: acronym for revolutions per minute, which is the way engine speed is measured. -LKQ: stands for “like, kind and quality,” which is a term for salvaged replacement parts that are just as good as the original part.