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What Americans Want in a Car

November 25, 2014
Have you ever looked back at cars of a certain decade and marveled at how the times have changed? Just like fashion, music and food, the auto industry has its own set of trends that change immensely over time. And it’s all influenced by the economy, the culture, the current events…pretty fascinating stuff, if you think about it! All of these topics gave me a lot to think about when I read this article about what Americans look for in a car. Apparently, Americans used to be all about the whole experience of driving a car — how it felt to whip around turns, how fast it can go, how cool it looks, etc. But nowadays, most Americans care more about practicality. Less speed, more space! That translates to less Corvettes, more Suburbans! In the article, they say all of these things are determined by which types of cars are selling at the highest and fastest rate. And apparently, Americans usually buy the biggest car they can afford! Where do you lie on this scale? I know I certainly care about other things like fuel economy, effect on the environment, the way it looks…but that’s coming from someone who grew up with cars around constantly, so maybe I’m the minority. 🙂 The most interesting quote I found in the article was this:
Bloomberg Intelligence Analyst Kevin Tynan still thinks this should be a little disconcerting to car executives. “All of this tells me we don’t want to drive any more,” he wrote in an e-mail this morning. “People would happily sit in the passenger seat of a mobile egg and let the vehicle drive itself while they play Angry Birds.”
That quote immediately made me think about all the posts I’ve made about hands-free driving! Are you siding with this article? Do you want bigger, more functional cars? And would it be better to not have to drive at all? Or do you still have that need for speed?! I’d love to hear your thoughts! Tell me your opinion on the comments below…and in the mean time, check out some of these BIG cars perfect for the average American of today! AMERICAN 1. Chevy Suburban 2. Chevy Tahoe  3. Toyota Sequoia 4. Nissan Titan 5. Toyota Tundra