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7 Features Seen in 2017!

December 26, 2016
2016 is dwindling down and the New Year is buzzing with talk and trends! When it comes to the auto world, some trends are clearly becoming more popular than others. Inspired by this article, I wanted to compile the top projected trends seen for the automotive industry in 2017. The world is constantly increasing in technological feats, which is evident in the evolution of cars! Read on to see what to expect in 2017!
  • Digital dashboards. I’m seeing this trend more and more: Cars are doing away with the classic analogue dials and quickly being replaced with more detailed, customizable, digital gauges. With even the least-expensive models seen with advanced systems that can wirelessly stream calls, texts, data, and more.
  • In-Car WiFi. Bluetooth and hands-free features have been around for awhile, but WiFi capabilities in cars are popping up more and more. Yes, you can buy a hotspot or special device to bring WiFi to your vehicle, but on-board WiFi? That’s a game changer.
  • Entertainment tablets. In-car entertainment systems have been around, but lately I’ve seen custom tablets included, making systems more portable. Someone in the backseat wants to change the radio station? No problem, just pass back the car’s tablet.
  • Advanced guidance cameras. Guidance cameras have become almost a norm in a majority of vehicles, helping drivers to reverse safer. But, now, these cameras are becoming more and more advanced, with some models even offering 360-degree, bird’s-eye view capabilities.
  • Truck-Bed audio systems. The benefit of this feature is up to your imagination. But, weatherproof audio systems are being seen incorporated into pickup trucks in the near future!
  • Improved seating. Vehicles are taking notice of seat comfortability more and more. Spinal support, back support controls, and overall, more detailed seat customizable options are a few features being seen in many 2017 vehicles!
  • Improved safety technology. With more and more distractions being added to the road every day, it’s nice to see safety features taking technological advances. Lane departure warning features are being seen and improved upon, ensuring more safety out on the road!
These are just a few of the new features popping up in cars in 2017! Do you have a favorite feature you can’t live without? How about a feature you wish your car offered? Let me know!
Car Culture

New Year, New Car

December 23, 2016
Whoa! Can you believe we are already entering a new year?! I’m super excited! A lot of times we make New Year’s resolutions and goals, but aren’t sure how to even go about making those resolutions and goals happen. A big goal I hear often is getting a new car. Getting a new car is both exciting and fun, but can also be frustrating if you’re not sure where to start. I’ve gathered some tips for those of you who plan on doing it big this next year and buying a new car.
  • Research I cannot stress how important this step is. If you go car shopping without knowing exactly what you want, it can be overwhelming. Research online and ask questions so that you can narrow down to the top 2 or 3 cars. This will help eliminate stress and save a ton of time.
  • Apply for a Car Loan Once you apply and are approved, you can either begin to save up for a down payment, or narrow down your car choice to the one that best fits your budget. Not sure where or how to apply for a car loan? We can help you here.
  • Trade In If you are looking to trade in your current car for a new vehicle, then it is important that you know the value of your car. Getting appraisals from at least 3 dealerships will help you know the roundabout value of your car. From there you can either trade in for your new vehicle or decide to sell your car.
  • Test Drive Okay, so you’ve taken care of the most important things, now it’s time to put your desired car to the test. Even though the car may check out on paper, you have to see if the driving style matches your driving style. Going on a test drive will seal the deal.
  • Close the Deal! Congrats! You now have a brand new car! You’ve done your research, stuck to your budget, and found the perfect car for you! Now you can successfully cruise through the rest of the year.