Car Culture, Under the Hood

Should I stay or should I go?

January 23, 2012
So, I just got out of our Monday morning Greenbook meeting. (“Greenbook” meaning an overall financial snapshot of the dealership, from sales to service to parts to body shop.) And after sitting around the conference table with ten fellow men, I left with a mission to answer this question: How do I get our clients to come back to our service department after the sale? Now, I have some ideas. Price. Convenience. Loyalty. Location. But what if I told you, McCarthy’s prices were the same or lower than the other guys? What if I told you our techs were efficient, if not quicker than the guy down the street? What if I told you we offer a shuttle service for your convenience? Would that make a difference? So I want to know: What factors keep you coming back to our Service Department? Or better yet, what keeps you away?

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