Shoot to win a BRAND NEW CAR!

March 6, 2014

Shoot (5)

Thanks to McCarthy Auto Group, I am giving you all a chance to win a brand new vehicle! That is right, some lucky person will be driving away with either a new Chevy, Nissan, Toyota, or Hyundai!

Want to know how that lucky person could be you!?

1. Go onto my Facebook tab to register: http://l.inkto.it/2qwjt

2. Then do three things: Like the fan page, submit your email, and tell all of your friends!

We will then randomly select five winners from the registered list. If you are one of those lucky winners, then you will meet at the Power and Light District on March 14th. During lunch we will draw for the one contestant that gets the opportunity to shoot five 3-pointers at the Big 12 tournament! And the four other winners won’t go away empty-handed: They will be guaranteed to win a fuel card worth anywhere from $50 to $200, and they’re invited to the FanFest Basketball Court!

The five winners will receive prizes as follows:

1st selection: “Shoot to Win” contestant

2nd selection: $200 QT Fuel Card

3rd selection: $150 QT Fuel Card

4th selection: $100 QT Fuel Card

5th selection: $50 QT Fuel Card

This is a really fun event and I’m excited to represent it on my Facebook page. Make sure to register before March 12th so you can get the chance to win! http://l.inkto.it/2qwjt  

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