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November 1, 2011
recycle those shoes!Ladies, have I got your attention?! For all you shoe fanatics out there, here’s a chance for you to spread the love. Twelve years ago, Elite Feet started collecting and donating shoes to a single charitable organization in Shawnee, Kansas. Since then it has expanded to helping the homeless and under served families in our own backyard through donations to five different charities. Shoe Kansas City will be distributing these shoes to the homeless via Catholic Charities on the Kansas side and City Union Mission Family Division on the Missouri side. Last year, 12,000 shoes were collected, but lost jobs and the recession means Kansas City is upping the ante to 15,000 pairs this year. It’s getting cold out there, so help us do even better! I know there’s a couple sneakers and boots in my closet that haven’t seen daylight in some time. So take a moment, clean out your closet and help those in need. The Hawthorne Plaza Shops, Shawnee Mission School District and McCarthy Auto Group will be drop-off locations for your gently used shoes this year.

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