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Read much? Get your books to go!

October 7, 2011

Enjoying some escapist audio action. Photo by PernilleLouise

For some of you, the smell of a brand new novel, the flip of a crisp page, or the placement of that favorite bookmark is what it’s all about. For others, the mere joy of completing a great story is what has you hooked. Personally, I enjoy hitting the bookstore on a Sunday afternoon with my coffee and cruising the aisles in search of my next form of entertainment. But for a lot of us busy bees, who has time to sit down and read? For moms and dads on the go, audiobooks may be your new best friend. I know how important a little “me time” is, and everyone should enjoy a good book now and again. What’s better than some escapist audio on the way to baseball practice or during the 30-minute drive home from work? Plus, if you can look as fly as this gal and get caught up on your favorite novel in the meantime, what’s to lose? Here’s a super cheap way to do it all: It allows you to download books, magazines, etc., to use on your iPad®, a CD in your car, or from an Audible app on your Android or iPhone®. So, if you don’t want to miss next month’s Book Club, check it out! I’ll be listening to a host of audiobooks and reviewing them for you over the coming months. Now all I need are some great book suggestions! Who has one?

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