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Question for ya…

January 18, 2012
Last week, facebook friend, Jacquie Norwood sent me a message WANTing TO KNOW! Here’s what she said:
Hey Lauren,
I have been a fan of your Lauren Wants to Know fb page for a while, and I really enjoy your posts. I am currently the marketing director for Paul Davis Restoration of KC, and everyone in my company, including myself, drives a company car. This is obviously a perk, but since I am their most recent hire, I was given the oldest vehicle to drive. My boss has agreed to upgrade my car soon, but I wanted to present him with reasons why it is so important for me to drive a good-looking vehicle since I am the one in front of our clients the most. Have you ever taken to the streets and asked people what your vehicle says about you and if a nicer car can get you more or less business? Will people trust you more in business with a certain vehicle, and are people judging your success by what you drive? Let me know if you can help me in my pursuit of a more presentable company car. Thanks! So, I ask you – my fellow friends, is it true? Does what you drive shed some light on who you are, from a business standpoint?

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