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Personalized driving

March 26, 2013


  I’ve never had a personalized license plate, mostly because I think my DMV bill his high enough in money and time wasted. But I do enjoy reading other drivers’ plates and guessing what their chosen message says about their personalities. The Pitch recently ran a list of the least classy applicants for vanity plates, including BALLZ, BUSHY, and RUMP.

Really? You had seven characters to express yourself, and that’s how you want to be judged?

If I ever did go the personal route, I waver between what’s really in my head when I am driving like “BACKOFF” for the tailgater, HAPPY to bring a little peace to the world, or GOCATS to show my team pride — all messages of which are taken in both Kansas and Missouri, by the way. My goofy friend Ashley says she would go with the more obscure with either UN1C0RN or TEAREX. They are both up for grabs, go figure! My creative friend Johanna would probably go with KNITTER or YRNGIRL. The hubs would go with GOTWINS to show his Minnesota team allegiance. Turns out there are actually a lot of rules for picking out your plates. In Gegoria, vanity plates are actually a huge point of contention when they decided to ban thousands of plate messages this year. If you need some inspiration or just a good laugh, check out hilarious plates from around the country here. Instead of standing in line at the DMV, you can check whether your desired name is already taken for Kansas or Missouri. What would you want your license plate to say about you? Or would it be a message to the drivers among  you?
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