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On your mark, get set, GO …

July 15, 2011

at Indian Hills CC

Talk about making a big splash! Indian Hills won the title. For the past 24 years, Leawood South Country Club walked away #1 … but not this year. After three long days, I’m sure all the little swimmers (and parents) are in need of some R & R. Ten clubs from around Kansas City gather in one location to share the same passion for the water. The purpose of CCSAKC (Country Club Swim Association of Kansas City) is to promote competitive swimming and diving along with the importance of sportsmanship…all which was very important to me growing up. I was thrilled to be a sponsor this year. Not only was I impressed with the swimmer’s abilities, but the amount of attendees was outstanding — along with the fruit smoothies, flying airplanes, crazy costumes and screaming mama’s and papa’s. Ah, summer… Congratulations to all the athletes this past weekend! Next stop…the WIN for KC Triathlon – more to come soon!

The new Murano Convertible was topic of conversation!!!

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