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Oil changes: Are they really better at an express shop?

March 2, 2010
Let me ask you this … are you more apt to go to the dealership or an auto repair chain when you need service?  How about for an oil change? I think it’s important to share some common myths about dealerships and oil change centers. Myth #1 : Oil changes are cheaper at an oil change center than at the dealership. After gathering from the six McCarthy dealerships, an average oil change is around $31. And, after speaking to a gentlemen at the nearest chain shop, the cost was $36.99 plus tax (and an additional $4.99 if it exceeds 5 quarts). Interesting! Myth #2: It’s quicker to get your oil changed at an oil change center. Afterall, they are called “quick” oil change shops. At our dealerships, on average, 45 minutes is the allotted time for an oil change. And after calling a different, chain shop in Overland Park, KS a wait of 1 and a half hours was given to me. Another reason, and probably the most important one, is the quality of work at the dealer. Dealership service professionals are master technicians and have certification levels, years of training and education, checklists provided by manufacturers … the list goes on. And a customer who takes their vehicle to the dealer each time will not only earn good will, but a better resale value on the vehicle when they trade it back in (all records documented). So, utilize the dealer! Do you take your vehicle to a dealership to get your oil changed? Why or why not?

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