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National Donate A Life Month

April 10, 2016

April is a time for enjoying spring weather and watching the Masters, but did you know it’s also National Donate A Life Month? 

During the month of April, the Kansas City Health & Wellmobile is teaming up with the non-profit organization Donate Life America to emphasize the importance of being an organ donor. National Donate A Life Month (NDLM) was founded in 2003 by Donate Life America and its partnering organizations.

NDLM is meant to encourage Americans to sign up to be organ, eye, and tissue donors and to celebrate those who have saved lives through donation. The overall goal is to significantly increase the number of donors and save the lives of thousands of people who are in need of a transplant!

Nearly 124,000 people in the United States are currently waiting for organ transplants, and approximately every 10 minutes there is a new person added to the waiting list. In 2015, there were 30,970 transplants performed in the United States using organs, eyes, and tissue from 15,068 donors. Wow!

Still wondering if organ donation is right for you? Here are some helpful facts:

  • 22 people die every day while waiting for a transplant.
  • 1 organ donor can save 8 lives and change the lives of more than 50 people.
  • Almost anyone can be an organ donor, regardless of age or medical history.
  • All major religions in the United States support organ donation.
  • Donors are needed for all races and ethnic groups. Transplant success rates increase when organs are matched between members of the same ethnic background.

There are several ways to get involved: Start a fundraiser to raise awareness, join as a partner with Donate Life America, get involved with events in your area, or become a donor yourself. You alone can make a difference. Together, we can save lives.

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