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What's on your car bucket list?

October 17, 2012
[youtube][/youtube] I’m always adding to my own bucket list – send flowers for no reason, visit Vermont in the fall,  attend a murder mystery night at a bed and breakfast and run a marathon. Inspired by the folks over at autoblog who aspire to learn to drift and drive their cars at 200 mph, I have created my own car bucket list. #1 Re-enact the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off parade scene. A float isn’t technically a car, but I think my best day ever would involve me singing without reservation in a parade. If I got to drive Cameron’s dad’s car to the parade? Even better. #2 Buy a car by myself. This is cheating because I have totally already done this. The car I own now, I walked into a dealership and bought without a parent or man with me. Just me. #3 Get my interior cleaned by someone else. I don’t mind vacuuming my car, but no matter what, I simply cannot get the Diet Coke stain out of my car seats! My birthday is in a few weeks, hint! #4 Drive across the country. It seems like such a romantic way to see the country. Driving with no schedule, just stopping when we were tired. I doubt this will happen til I am drawing social security and riding in an RV. #5 Buy a car with cash. I hate car payments and hope to never have one again. I also hope that doesn’t mean I have to buy my cars in a junk yard. What’s on your car bucket list?  
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