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How To Keep Your Car Clean With Pets

May 17, 2017
  Bringing your pet along for the ride is all fun and games until your car, becomes a mess. While I’ve gone over how to ensure your precious cargo is safe when riding in your vehicle, today I’m here to give you some helpful tips on how to keep your car clean with those beloved animals of yours!
  • When your pet is accompanying you, try and keep them in one area of the car. This will confine all of the pet hair and help keep it from spreading. Whether you use a crate, restraint, or confine them to the passenger seat, keep your pet in one area to keep the potential mess at bay.
  • Cover up your seats! You can invest in a seat cover or simply lay towels down, but protect the interior of your car from your pet’s elements by covering it up as you are able. This way, you can just toss your covers in the wash and ta-da! Your car is now clean. This is also a very easy way to minimize the pet odor in your vehicle.
  • Don’t leave the mess around. Once you’ve arrived at your destination or returned home, get right to work at cleaning up whatever mess your pet might have made. Don’t let your car fester in the sun with your pet’s lingering odor. Simply wipe down the seats or quickly vacuum out your car. You could even use a lint roller–a little goes a long way! Trust me, this will make your life easier.
  • If you drive with your pet often, you might become immune to their smell. Avoid this permanent odor by taking care of it right away! There are many ways to combat this. If you haven’t cleaned your interior in a while, get any mats and seat covers washed. To keep a fresh scent in your car, try sprinkling baking soda on the floors or placing dryer sheets under your seats!
Do you have any handy-dandy tips for cleaning up after your pet in your vehicle? I’d love to add them to my list! Let me know about them in the comment section below.

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