I will not … in 2012

January 3, 2012
I have a list of things I will do in 2012, like get my pre-pregnancy abs back, clean out all my junk drawers and closets, go on more dates with the husband and get Henry to sleep in his crib every night. I’ll probably fail at most, living out the cliché of New Year’s resolutions. To increase my chances of success, I decided to concentrate on what I won’t do this year. 1. I will not worry about what other moms think. When you become a mom, the first thing people do is ask how many hours a night your baby sleeps. Henry prefers being awake. A lot. He also likes to fall asleep in my arms and really, really hates his crib. Other peoples’ perfect babies who sleep eight hours a night from the minute they enter the world sometimes make me feel like I am failing. But my kid is alive, smiles a lot and you know, that’s good stuff. 2. I will not eat a diet consisting mainly of peanut butter and fruit. This assumes I will not get pregnant in 2012, otherwise this could be a challenge. 3. I will not forget to take care of me. Last month I got a haircut and massage. Then I ate sushi and drank wine with the husband. Just a few simple things that renewed me and made the balancing act of my life a bit easier and more enjoyable. Mothers, and often all women, can forget about taking care of ourselves when we’re busy worrying about everyone else. Even if it’s just getting ice cream on my way home from work, I will not forget about me. Find your own non-cliché resolutions to start 2012 off right with this list. LWTK’s mommy blogger, Sarah, is attempting to be a good mama to little Henry, wife to Shea, full-time employee and part-time grad student all while avoiding making dinner from a box every night. In her non-existent free time, she’s running, eating popcorn and blogging about it all at The Gatsby Diaries.

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