Behind the Wheel

How To Survive Car Sickness

February 28, 2017
There is nothing more unruly and annoying than suffering from car sickness. Imagine planning a fun getaway road trip with friends, but dreading the actual car ride due to the motion sickness you know you will endure. Not fun! While it may be impossible to prevent car sickness from taking over, there are plenty of remedies that you can try to get yourself feeling better and able to enjoy a long car ride. Here are some ways you can survive car sickness: Keep Air On You At All Times It helps to have a vent pointing directly at you or have some sort of fresh air whenever you are experiencing motion sickness. The air keeps you cool and also helps distract from the nauseating feeling you may have. Drink Cold Water Better yet, sip cold water. The cold water will help to keep your stomach settled and keep you from vomiting in the car. Do Not Read While The Car Is In Motion If you’ve ever felt what it’s like to read in a car and look up and have a sudden wave of dizziness come over you, then you know that it is not a feeling that you want to experience again. For some reason when you are reading in a car while it is moving, it is hard for your brain to decipher what it sees versus what it is feeling. If you suffer from car sickness then it is best to avoid reading during a road trip altogether. There are other ways you can help pass time on the trip that most likely won’t result in you getting sick. Try Meclizine-Type Medications Over the counter medications like Dramamine will help suppress and relieve nausea and vomiting you experience from motion sickness. Most of these medicines can be taken at least an hour before a trip and help to prevent you from suffering through any motion sickness.

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