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How to Properly Jump Start Your Car

July 1, 2016
Jumper cables might seem like something you don’t need… until that one time you really do. More importantly, knowing how to properly use the jumper cables is crucial. Jumper cables are fairly simple to use, but can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Read on to learn how to put your jumper cables to use, and you’ll be thankful in those crisis moments! 1. Get a boost: The first step in using jumper cables is actually the hardest part… You have to find someone to use as the booster car! You might find yourself with a dead battery in really varied circumstances, from the countryside to the mall parking lot. Make sure you stay safe and, if possible, wait for someone you know to come to your aid. However, any car with a working battery can give your car a boost. 2. Postition the car: If your car battery is dead, you obviously won’t be able to reposition it to get close to the other car. You’ll have to make sure the booster car can get into a convenient location, with the hood of their car closest to the hood of your car. Park the car and make sure they are both turned off and not touching each other. Prop open the hood of both cars. 3. Hook up the booster car: Now here’s where the jumper cables actually come into play. Locate the battery on the dead car. Find the positive sign (+) on the battery and clamp the red jumper cable to the battery. Hook the other end to the battery of the booster car. Then find the negative sign on the battery (-) and securely clamp the black jumper cable to that side. Clamp the other end of the black jumper cable to the dead car battery’s bolt or screw. 5. Waiting time: Once both car engines are connected to the cables, start the booster car’s engine. Wait a few minutes, then turn on the dead car’s engine. Again, wait 5-10 minutes to let the booster car recharge the dead car. The more dead the battery, the longer it will take for it to recharge. 6. Test: After sufficient time has passed, disconnect the black jumper cable from the car that was dead, then disconnect from the booster car. Then, remove the red jumper cable from the booster car and then the dead car. At this point, the car should turn on when you crank it. Once the car is turned on, be sure to drive around for a while before turning it off again (or you’ll be right back to step #1)!

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