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How to Keep Your Paint From Chipping

April 7, 2015
Nothing’s worse than finding a chipped paint spot on a shiny new car (or even a well-worn car!) Sometimes freak things can happen to cause paint chipping, scratches or other damages to your car’s paint job, but most of the time these incidences can be avoided with a little TLC. Damage to your paint can quickly spiral into a rusting mess, so it’s important to stay on top of things and preserve the value and visual appeal of your car. I’ve list off several suggestions for how to prolong and maintain your auto paint. Read on and you’ll be a car maintenance pro in no time! 1. Wash your car regularly. This is the most basic tip, but keeping your car clean is the first step to proper car care. I recommend washing your car every two weeks to really keep your car in good shape. This will remove harmful chemicals like snow melt, acid rain or dirt that could eat away at your car’s paint. 2. Dry your car immediately after washing. This is a relatively easy step that SO many people skip out on. Letting your car air-dry after a car wash is no good. It softens the paint and allows rust and water spots to collect — just the thing you were trying to get rid of! So please, make sure you dry your car with towels after washing. 3. Keep your car in a garage or other covered area. I’ve written about the importance of covered parking before, and it really is vital to keeping your paint job in optimal shape. A covering will protect your car from the sun’s rays and from other extreme weather that could scratch paint. 4. Park in the shade. Obviously your car can’t be parked in a garage at all times, so when you’re out and about on a sunny day, try to park in the shade. Not only will it make your life more pleasant when you get back in the cooler car, but it really will keep your car looking shiny and vibrant for a longer period of time. 5. Wax your car monthly. Monthly waxing of your car exterior is really giving the car the TLC it needs to stay in good shape. Make sure you purchase wax meant for your car’s color and be sure to buy a quality buffing cloth. 6. Use touch-up paint to fix small scratches. Most auto body stores sell touch up paint that can match a wide variety of paint colors, so don’t hesitate to purchase some if you get minor scratches on your car due to situations you simply couldn’t avoid. This will prevent further chipping and make your car look as good as new! 7. Immediately consult a professional about large scratches or other damage to the paint. If you have a bigger scratch or damage on your hands, you’ll want to leave it to the professionals to fix. Talk to your local auto body mechanic about what happened and they will be able to tell you the best way to deal with the problem. 8. Protect your car with sealant. If you really want to go above and beyond, you can have your top coat sealed by a professional. This will give your car the ultimate protection from rust damage. The sealant usually has a five-year warranty. 9. Frequently wash the undercarriage of your car. Dirt, sticks and other materials can get caught in this area and then cause problems on the surface of your car. Hence, you’ll want to clean under the car every time you wash it, as to avoid spreading problems to the rest of the paint job.

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