Behind the Wheel

How to Keep Your Car in Amazing Condition This Year

January 15, 2015
9JTjJJaP7-EF_95DB-llIBo14Ncn4fvPR6X-4WONzys With a new year underway, you’ve got a fresh start to new years resolutions. Maybe you’re starting over with the same ones from last year – and hey, I’m not judging! We’ve already talked about some goals for better upkeep of your car, but I also want to get into the nitty gritty of auto maintenance. There are so many things to keep track of with your car, so I’ve listed it all in one place to help you stay on top of things. By following this list, you’ll avoid feeling overwhelmed when you head in for an oil change. You’ll be totally in the know on what your car needs, and feel empowered rather than confused! EVERY MONTH: 1. Check oil levels (add oil if low!) 2. Check tire pressure (add air if too low!) 3. Get a car wash 4. Check coolant/antifreeze (add more if too low!) 5. Ask a technician to check: hoses and belts (replace if worn or bulging) EVERY 3 MONTHS: 1. Get an oil change (if you’ve driven at least 3,000 miles) 2. Top off windshield washer fluid 3. Clean off battery cables (if corroded) 4. Ask a technician to check: transmission and power steering fluid (replenish as needed) EVERY 6 MONTHS: 1. Replace wiper blades (if they are worn out) 2. Make sure your spare tire is inflated and in good condition 3. Ask a technician to check: brakes, exhaust system and shocks (replace as needed)

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