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How to Keep Your Car Fresh & Clean

December 15, 2016
I think most of us can agree that the new car smell is one of the best smells there is. Knowing that you are driving around in a clean and fresh car can lighten your driving experience. But of course, as time goes on that new car smell diminishes. It’s hard to keep your car smelling nice and clean especially when you are always on the go and if you tend to have a lot of passengers. I’ve looked into some ways that you can keep the inside of your car as clean as possible while also keeping it smelling fresh.
  • Keep A Small Trash Bag  Random papers, water bottles, and miscellaneous items tend to get lost in cars and trash, especially trash from food, can cause an odor throughout the car. By keeping a small trash bag on hand in your car you’ll be able to properly dispose of waste. At the end of every week, just throw out the trash and replace the bag. Not only will this help to eliminate smells, but it will also eliminate unwanted trash in your car.
  • Vacuum Out Your Car  It is super important and helpful to vacuum your car out every time you get a car wash! There are car washes that allow you to use the vacuums for free if you’ve paid for a car wash. Vacuuming out your car interior gets rid of crumbs, dust, and dirt throughout the cracks and crevices that you’re unable to get by hand.
  • Keep the Dashboard and Seats Clean  If you have leather seats, it’s especially important to get a nice car leather cleaner to keep the odor from locking in. Use a cleansing spray and rag to wipe off the dashboard, steering wheel, and cup holders. Not only will this eliminate germs, it will also keep the car smelling fresh.
  • Shampoo the Carpets  This isn’t something that you have to do often, but perhaps every 6 months to a year you should consider getting your carpet shampooed to remove the dirt and debris. Nasty odors get locked into the carpets, especially during the winter. Making a habit to shampoo the carpets at least once a year will help preserve the carpet and keep the car smelling nice.
  • Use Odor Eliminators  Odor eliminators are great for getting rid of nasty smells throughout the car and substituting them with nice clean smells. They come in different shapes, sizes, and smells and are very reasonably priced. Though they are great for making your car smell wonderful, it is still important to keep your car clean as much as possible.

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