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How to find auto recalls

March 22, 2010
Jocalyn will take care of your paperwork!!!

Jocalyn will take care of your paperwork!!!

Recall: To request return (of a product) to the manufacturer, as for necessary repairs or adjustments. It’s not just one car company all over the news lately — all vehicle makes and models face the threat of a recall. But, I don’t want you to worry — it can be fixed! There are several ways to investigate a recall on your vehicle: Online: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website is THE website to check out for recalls. Search for recalls at This site is updated after a manufacturer issues a recall and covers any vehicle sold in the U.S. Call your dealership: Also, you can call any dealer that sells your make of car. The serial number, also known as a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), on your vehicle will allow them to run it thru the manufacturer to see of any recalls that apply. In the mail: If you are the original purchaser (1st owner) then you will receive a letter from the manufacturer. If you are not the original owner, there is a form to fill out that allows access to update records on vehicle ownership. But if your information has not been updated, you won’t receive a recall letter. You should not ignore any recall, major or minor. There is a reason for everything … so take it in, get it fixed and be on your merry way! Here’s the best part: It’s free! Has your car ever had a recall? How did you find out about it? recall bulletin

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