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How to Drive in Inclement Weather

December 2, 2016
Winter is upon us which means happy holidays, pumpkin pie, spending time with loved ones, and unfortunately horrible weather. Driving in bad weather is very hard. Each year there are thousands of accidents because of bad road conditions due to severe weather. Though frustrating, it is possible to drive in inclement weather and still make it to your destination in one piece. Here are some tips I know will help you get over your fear of driving through the rain, sleet, and snow: – Stay Informed
  • First and foremost it is super important that you double check the weather reports before you venture out. Listen to warnings from your local TV and radio stations and use your best judgement.
– Keep Your Distance
  • I’m sure you’ve heard the rule-of-thumb that you should keep at least 3 seconds distance between you and the car in front of you. When driving in snow and heavy rain, it is important to keep at least 9 seconds of distance between you and the driver ahead of you. You never know if you or the car in front of you will hit black ice and begin spinning out of control. Keeping a safe amount of distance will lessen your chance of getting into an accident.
– Be Cautious
  • When driving in inclement weather there’s a huge possibility that you will run into black ice. Take precaution especially when driving on bridges and overpasses because ice and black ice form faster there. Drive extra slow, brake lightly, and hold onto your steering wheel tight while paying attention to your surroundings at all times.
 – Be Smart
  • If the conditions get too bad and you know you wouldn’t be able to drive through them, make the wise decision to pull over until the roads are clear again. It is better to sit and wait out a storm than end up in serious danger by trying to drive through it. Keep your trunk full of things in case of an emergency situation such as this. That way, should you be stuck on the side of the road, you’ll have everything you need. Not sure what emergency equipment you need? Check out a list of essential items here.
  – Make Sure Your Car is Prepared for the Winter
  • This is one of the most important tips on this list. With each season comes different responsibilities with your car. During the winter time your car needs extra care and attention to ensure your safety while on the road. If you take care of your car, your car will take care of you. You can find out how to best prepare your car for winter here!

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