How to Avoid Getting a Traffic Ticket!

May 30, 2014


So you’re driving down the highway, and you realize that you just passed a cop. Paranoid that you’re going to get a traffic ticket, you check your speedometer. You’re going the speed limit, the fear is over. Or is it? All of the sudden you hear some sirens and you know the time has come to pull over.

“Why was I pulled over? I was going the speed limit!”, you say to the police officer.

“There are more reasons we pull over cars than just speeding.”, the police officer says.

Time to learn the 5 ways to get pulled over by a cop!

#1. Speeding- Yeah, speeding will get you a ticket. The faster you go down a road, the less time you will have to slow down. Play it safe and drive the speed limit.


#2. Distracted driving- Driving is the time to drive, not to be on your phone. Texting or talking on your phone will be a sure ticket in most states. Even though a few states haven’t banned cell phone use while driving, you should still leave your phone in your purse or jacket.


#3. Improper driving- This could be a combination of things. If you follow too closely to a driver, use improper lane change, or run a stop sign, you will receive a ticket. Just make sure to follow the laws of the road.


#4. Equipment violations- What defines an equipment violation? If you have heavy tinted windows, expired tags, or broken windshields, then make sure to fix those violations before you get back on the road.


Drive safe and try to avoid getting a pesky traffic ticket!


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