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How NOT to install a car seat

September 21, 2011
YAY for Baby Safety Month! (I wish I had a baby to keep safe.) 🙂 So, for all you hot mamas out there on the road, here’s a quick “how NOT to” install a car seat. There are several commonly-made mistakes when buckling up our kiddos!
  • Using an old or second-hand seat;
  • Facing your child forward too soon;
  • Not installing the seat correctly;
  • Not securing your child in the seat;
  • Letting your child drive on your lap;
  • Allowing your kid to ride shotgun.
To many these may seem obvious, but sometimes even the most obvious things escape us! Whether lugging Johnny and Sally around to and from soccer practice, picking up the dry cleaners, putting in hours behind the desk, or preparing dinner for five while maintaining our sanity, these poor mamas have a lot on their plates. So — let’s just add another checklist, shall we? Luckily there are numerous free resources to help you get your kids buckled up the right way. For one, Children’s Mercy Hospitals offers a free seat-installation clinic run by specially trained techs who can show you whether your seat is in correctly. And once a month, the McCarthy Chevrolet Service Drive provides a safe place for parents to install their safety seats with the help of local officers. I’ll let you know when the next one comes up! Meanwhile, check out this video to be reminded why the safety of our wonderful babes is so important in the first place. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWHpcKXt-qQ

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