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How Make a Car Rental the Ultimate Test Drive

May 19, 2015
Test driving may be one of the most fun parts of the car buying process. I have often found myself getting behind the wheel of a car that I thought was my dream car, quickly realizing it wasn’t everything I had hoped for and then proceeding to become like a middle-schooler in an ice cream shop, asking to try all 31 ice cream flavors. No fear! I discovered that there are a few key ways you can turn a weekend car rental into the ultimate test drive. One of the main reasons we sometimes struggle like a child in an ice cream shop when we’re buying a new car is because we don’t have a clear idea about what we truly want. We have a general idea, but there are only so many things you can know you want in a new car when your current car is from an earlier generation. When you rent a car, all you need to know are those general things, and the details you can glean from the rental itself.   Perhaps you want a roomy sedan. If you went to a dealership with only that in mind you would be setting yourself up to try all 31 flavors. Car rental companies carry the latest models of every brand, just like a dealership. When you drive a rental car for an extended period of time, you can get a much better idea of what you do and do not like then what you can gather from a test-drive around the block. All you need to know is the general size of the car you want to buy, and the rental can take you from there.   The rental car employees are often very knowledgable about the rental cars, and as an added plus, they usually know all about the little quirks some vehicles have that usually only car owners notice. They know all about which cars have the most leg room, the best lower back support, the most comfortable steering wheels, and much more of the smaller details. So if you have a random question about a vehicle, chances are a car rental employee can answer it.   Keep a notepad in your passenger seat during the duration of the car rental. Once you have spent a day or two driving a newer vehicle, you’re sure to have come up with a list of things you do and don’t like about the car, which will help you narrow down your selection. Have you found your dream car after a summer road-trip car rental? Comment below with your own experience and tips!

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