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Holiday Gift Guide for the Car-Loving Kids in Your Life

December 21, 2014
Now that I’ve put together a gift guide for the car-loving adults in your life, I figured we shouldn’t neglect the cute little kiddos you know and love! After all, if you start them young, they’ll be a car enthusiast all their days! There are so many cute car toys out there, it was hard to narrow down this list. But I’ve tried to really keep it to the best of the best gifts out there. Your little ones are sure to love them! 91esCCfH-NL._SL1500_ 1. Fisher Price Little People Race Track. It’s perfect for toddlers and babies alike, with colorful, easy-to-hold cars that speed down the ramp. This toy is sweet and simple for the earliest car lovers! 61qiuhWuwxL._SL1200_ 2. Melissa & Doug Stacking Cars. Even newborns can enjoy these minimalist cars. They’re perfect for chubby hands and build brain development as babies learn to stack them! 81RLfZ9lNsL._SL1500_ 3. Extreme Remote Control Car. This toy is for the older kids in your life. The “extreme” of this car means that it can tear over tough terrain and provide hours of entertainment! 81Af5U0VsrL._SL1500_ 4. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. If there’s one toy that comes to mind when I think of childhood, it’s the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. It’s such a classic and guaranteed to please all the little ones! 81jv4cOsklL._SL1500_ 5. The Plasmacar. It’s definitely not your traditional car toy, but these plasmacars are so fun, even for adults! (If you can git on one!) 71LAgzRh+7L._SL1388_ 6. Level Ramp Racer. I love the classic look of wooden toys like this ramp. This one is just as entertaining as it is cute! 91P+T0RUT2L._SL1500_ 7. Power Wheels Ford Mustang.  Your girls will be the envy of the block when they cruise around in this car. Bright pink, Mustang, Barbie and a car…what more could a little girl want? 71+FPvWTXAL._SL1500_ 8. Kid O Go Car. Sometimes a simple toy provides the most entertainment. This one has a minimalist look that’s great for displaying on the shelf, and great for the tiniest of tots to play with. 71xS6I7PLFL._SL1430_ 9. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car. The image of that little kid at the wheel is just too much to handle!  I love how this one lets younger children get behind the wheel without any danger or hazard. 511o7GAml7L 10. Radio Control Toy for Toddlers. Unlike the other remote control car on the list, this one is for the younger crowd. It’s colorful, durable and will amaze the kiddos when it starts moving across the living room floor!  

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