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Go home, Kansas weather. You're drunk.

April 11, 2013
A few days ago I was out in the yard playing with sidewalk chalk and bubbles. Later, we walked to the Plaza and got iced coffee. Two days later, I’m cuddled up under a blanket, and tonight I’m making soup. The joke around here has always been, “if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.” It’s such an emotional tease, though! The excitement of 75 degrees in early April only to be disappointed when dragging out the sweaters a day later. The weather has been the talk of social media; here’s some comedy in the midst of the crazy:

“the only reason i have trust issues is because of Kansas’ weather.” @camkline09

“Saturday I was wearing shorts & playing slow pitch, and today I’m wearing ear warmers & overalls to check cows & do chores in. #kansasweather” ‏@charby1542m “Go home Kansas weather, you’re drunk.” @TylerDreiling9 “Kansas City weather needs to make up its mind already, is it #yogapantsseason or #shortshortsseason? I’m ready for the latter.” @AYelt4449h “C’mon Spring…you can do it!” ‏@BurritoBrosKC4 Soon, friends, we’ll be wearing shorts, flip flops and packing away the winter clothes. If I were you, though, I’d keep a couple of  sweaters on reserve, just in case. So what about you: Do you appreciate this crazy weather, or does it drive you nuts?
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