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Girlfriend – scratch that – Husband Getaway

May 24, 2011

Dana's ride for the weekend!

Last weekend, Dana Buchanan and her husband made a quick romantic getaway to Weston, Missouri. Along with a one-night stay at the local B & B, they received some spending cash and a demo on us. Dana and her husband got to drive the brand new Chevrolet Cruze for the weekend. Let’s see how it went … Q. How did you get involved in this? A. Last year, I decided to go to the Holiday Mart with my daughter. It was my first time going and I loved it! As I was leaving, I registered for the Girlfriend Getaway with Lauren Wants To Know.  Imagine my surprise, when I received your email that said I WON! At first I thought to myself – what’s the catch? But, as I began corresponding with you I realized I was just lucky and actually won something free in my life! 🙂 Q. What next? A. My husband and I agreed on a weekend that we were both in town and I began working out the details with you all. Everyone was very courteous and friendly, by the way. Q. How was the weekend? A. Our weekend was wonderful! Very relaxing – which we needed. We did quite a bit of antique shopping, took our time and shopped in the unique shops in downtown Weston.  We checked into the B & B and next door was a restaurant/bar . We decided to check it out later that evening – we had drinks and live entertainment, so we really enjoyed ourselves.  I believe the name was O’Malleys.  Very busy! Q. How was the car? A. The Chevrolet Cruze did great and thankfully got good gas mileage.  We actually drove around Weston quite a bit looking at different antique shops and winerys and just the pretty green country.  It was nice not to spend our money on gas! Sounds like a fun weekend, Dana.

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