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Get Your Car Road Trip Ready

May 31, 2016
Summer is here, and that (hopefully) means vacations and road trips galore! However, car trouble can kill those adventures pretty quickly. Although your vehicle needs regular maintenance year-round, driving long distances in high temperatures requires extra preparation. Before you ice up the cooler and throw your suitcases in the trunk, follow these tips to make sure your ride is road-ready: Tires – Don’t wait until one of them goes flat… inspect them before hitting the road. Check your tread using the good ‘ole penny trick. Put a penny in the tread and roll it around. If you can see Lincoln’s eyebrow, you definitley need new tires. Also, make sure they are inflated to the correct levels. The pressure number should be listed in your owner’s manual. Under-inflated tires can explode, which is not the “bomb” vacation you probably had in mind. Air Conditioner – Do I even need to explain?! You’ll be breaking a literal sweat if this bad boy isn’t firing on full power. Even if you think it’s working, it’s best to take your car to a local shop for a routine check. You’ll be amazed at the difference just replacing the air filter can make! Oil – Are you due for an oil change? Check your oil levels and the date you’re due before you embark. If you’re close to the manufacturer-recommended interval listed in your manual, go ahead and change it. Isn’t that better than having your engine light come on during the homestretch of a 26-hour drive? You should also consider opting for a synthetic motor oil, as it performs better for long distances and hot weather.  

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