Fueled by Females: Cabs for women, driven by women

November 13, 2015


We are all about celebrating women around the world in the auto industry. That’s why I’m particularly excited about a company based in New Delhi called Cabs for Women by Women. This incredible organization was created due to the dangers that women of New Delhi face commuting through the city.

The women who drive the cabs are taught self defense and safety, as well as confidence and empowerment. When the company was started, there was a very negative attitude towards the working women driving the cabs. Cabs for Women, by Women focuses heavily on providing a safe mode of transportation throughout the city, as well as a positive and empowering environment for the women who work there.

This idea has caught on all over the world. The London Lady Chauffeurs offer a comfortable and safe ride through the city of London. In New York City, the option for a female driver is becoming more common. This is definitely a movement I can stand behind, helping keep women safe and getting more women on the road in a positive way!

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