Behind the Wheel

First driving test: What was your grade?

November 6, 2009
Your driver’s test may be the only test you take that studying for isn’t a total nightmare. Over 50 hours of hands-on experience and nearly 15 years of anticipation and preparation. But no one could have warned me about the big day. I managed to memorize all the answers in my little driver’s manual and … nailed the written exam! Next up, the actual driver’s test. I was expecting side streets, a bit of parking, maybe a main road and one shot at parallel parking. But no! As I slowly approached the highway on-ramp, I could feel my blood beginning to boil, my palms were starting to sweat, and I know for a fact that my heart was racing. It was what I like to call “utter fear.” After moments of cruising at a snail’s pace, a giant orange and white barrel would jump out of nowhere and attack my vehicle. I was heartbroken. After the test was over, waiting alongside the curb for my parents to pick me up, I thought to myself “If only I had a smaller car…” And still, I got 98 percent on the exam, baby! Do you have any memories of your driver’s test? Did you pass with flying colors or hit a few bumps (or barrels) along the way? What was your grade?

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