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FAQ: Engine System

February 3, 2017
Many people know that the engine exists, but some aren’t exactly sure what it does or why it is important. The engine is the heart of the vehicle. Without the engine, a car or truck would not work because it is what keeps the vehicle alive and running. An engine is made up of many parts and is built to convert heat from burning gas into the force that gets your wheels turning. Though there are many parts of an engine to discuss, here are the main components of the engine and their functions:   Cylinder Block (sometimes referred to as the Engine Block) The cylinder block is made up of a group of metal tubes called cylinders that burn fuel. There are anywhere from two to twelve of them and the more cylinders there are the more powerful the engine will be. Cylinders are sealed at one end while the other opens and closes. They also have pistons that slide up and down inside of them. The pistons transfer force from gas in the cylinder into the crankshaft.   Valves The engine has two valves that enable things, such as air and gas,  to come and go quickly. The inlet valve lets in fuel and air into the the cylinder while the outlet valve lets out the exhaust gases.   Spark Plug The spark plug is an electronic device located above each cylinder that is responsible for setting a fire to the fuel.   Crankshaft The crankshaft plays a very important role in the engine. The crankshaft converts the up and down movement of the pistons (located in the cylinder, remember?) into a rotational movement that makes the vehicle move.   Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 9.37.32 AM   The engine is a super-complex machine that needs to be maintained and checked. You’ll usually know it’s time when your check engine light comes on. If you need an engine check or have any question regarding your engine, make sure to schedule an appointment at one of McCarthy Auto Group’s service centers today!

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