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FAQ: Brake System

January 21, 2017
The braking system is a vital part of your vehicle. Without this system properly functioning you would have no way of stopping your car. There are many components in the braking system that come together to enable you to brake properly, but today I’m going to go over the main parts. Disc Brakes The disc brakes are typically located in the front of your vehicle. They are made up of a hydraulic caliper that is fed brake fluid through a hydraulic line. The caliper is attached to brake pads that grab ahold of a rotor. The rotor is a spinning metal disc that is attached to the front axle in order to slow down your car. Drum Brakes The drum brakes are usually located in the rear of your vehicle. They consist of brake shoes and a rotating drum that is connected to the wheel of the tire. When pressure is applied to brakes, the brake fluid runs through a hydraulic line towards the wheel cylinder (which are located between the brake shoes). When the fluid reaches the wheel cylinder it expands the brake shoes outward toward the inside of the drum. This consequently creates friction that slows the rotating part of the drum and the wheel. Emergency Brake The emergency brake (sometimes referred to as the parking brake) is put in place in every vehicle to keep it parked. The brake can either be operated by a lever located in the console of your car or a small brake located next to your regular brakes. Once activated, your car will show a signal indicating that the brake is applied. Just like every other part of your car, brakes need to be maintained. When your brakes began to get old they will make a squealing sound to alert that they should be checked. Are your brakes squealing? No need to worry right away. There are other reasons why your brakes could be making that noise. If you are indeed needing a brake replacement, make sure to schedule an appointment at one of McCarthy Auto Group’s service centers today!

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