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Eating Clean in Kansas City!

July 5, 2017
If you’re like me, you love some good ol’ Kansas City barbecue. However, with all of the delicious restaurants that make up our city, it’s easy to forget about those food goals we all make for ourselves. But I have good news! You don’t have to sacrifice eating out just to try and stay healthy. Here are some of my favorite healthier restaurants I’ve found around our city that really hit the spot! Unforked. This restaurant prides itself on providing honest, local, fresh ingredients in all of their dishes. Their love for natural ingredients sets the pace for their clean menu! Their goal is to to help you feel better so you can live healthier–how can you not love that?! From gazpacho to burgers, the natural take on their menu is truly tasty. You have to try it! Cafe Gratitude. The name itself is inviting. They support local farmers, sustainable agriculture, and environmentally friendly products. Between their sustainability efforts, cleanse programs, and plant-based menu, you’ve hit the clean jackpot here! When you walk into the restaurant, you immediately just feel the love put into this place. The menu is intriguing, delicious, and 100% organic. Next time you go, I suggest you try the spaghetti squash alfredo! From their bowls to their pasta, there is something for every tastebud to enjoy! Protein House. This restaurant was created with the fitness and health conscious community in mind. Morning, noon, or night, the doors are open for you to rejuvenate and relax with a clean meal. This is truly a unique place that adjusts to everyone’s specific needs. Their friendly staff will greet you and you’ll receive your order soon after that. From their signature pancakes to their delicious wraps, there’s something for you to enjoy every hour of the day! When you eat good, you feel good. So start working these healthier restaurants into your nights out and you won’t feel guilty about your meal! Do you have a favorite healthier restaurant in KC? Tell me about it so I can try it out!   

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