Does this really need to be done?

November 1, 2015


Similar to most things in the world, you can only take someone’s words so far, especially when that someone wants money from you. There are a few things you should always listen to your mechanic about, and a few things you should check for yourself.

What you can skip:

Fuel Injector Cleaning. Many mechanics claim this is a complicated and essential job and they will try to charge you $80 or more. It’s a $7 can that you can insert yourself in most cases.

Safety Inspection that turns into huge repairs. It’s incredibly easy when you need to get your safety passed for the mechanic to take advantage of the situation. Make sure you know the status of your car’s health before safety inspections so that you know if the mechanics are trying to squeeze an unnecessary repair out of you.

Brake maintenance.You should not skip brake maintenance.. Mechanics can quote you upward of $500 for a simple rotor and brake pad replacement, a job that you can probably do at home for about $60.

Changing Air Filters. Your air filter absolutely needs to be regularly changed, but not nearly as regularly as some shops try to slip in. You can replace them at home for much cheaper, so do so around every 45,000 miles.

What you should listen to:

Alignments. Mechanics don’t make exuberant amounts of money with alignments, and very often they throw it in for free. When a mechanic tells you that your car needs an alignment, it’s good to listen.

Alternator Replacement. Another good repair to listen to your mechanic about.

Oil Changes. You should be checking the oil yourself already, but if a shop says you need an oil change, you’re probably okay to trust them.

New struts or shock absorbers.Struts and shock absorbers are parts of the vehicle suspension. They absorb shocks from road bumps and potholes and keep your vehicle riding smooth. If your vehicle isn’t driving quite right and your mechanic says this is the problem, they are probably not pulling your leg.

Hopefully, you have a trusted mechanic and don’t need to get a second opinion or worry about what they tell you, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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