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Debbie's experience with collision

November 12, 2010

where all the magic happens ...

I just received an email from someone who unfortunately had a slight fender-bender. That’s never any fun, but fortunately, her experience after the fact – made it all alright! Here’s her story: Q.  So, what happened? A. “I was in a hurry for work Saturday morning and had to have my Starbucks. I was pulling into a parking space and I guess my distance/space reasoning was not awake yet. My passenger side totally went into a large trucks bumper.” Q. What was the first thing you did? A. “I checked out the other car and was happy that I didn’t do anything to it. Gave the young lady my number. Got my coffee; made it a double! Q. What next? A. “So, Monday morning I went straight to McCarthy Collision, met with Danny Larson- who was SOOOOO nice. He assessed the damage and gave me an estimate. Then I called my Insurance Company, and of course McCarthy is an approved vendor! I gave Danny my claim number and he is taking care of the rest. I will grab my car on Wednesday and that is it!” “Thank you Danny for making my tragic car drama so easy!” Thanks, Debbie Droskin “Debbie from Glitters”

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