Day-trip anyone?

July 6, 2011

enjoying the sites of Atchison Kansas

For some … getting away is as easy as taking a bath or enjoying a new book – and for others, it’s about separating your everyday life from another. So, where can you go for a day that won’t eat up too much time or your pocket book? One of my favs on the list: Nell Hill’s in Atchison, Kansas. Nothing says relaxation like a little interior shopping! Now this day trip wasn’t what I’d call a ‘getaway,’ because I had a camera crew alongside. But what I got to experience was a little bit of history, a lot of decor and some quality time away from the daily grind. I got to chat with owner, Mary Carol, about the wonderful hidden treasures at Nell Hill’s along with the ease of arriving.

playing around ...

Back before dinner … with a story to share. Stay tuned for a little 60 second spot on day trips in Kansas City.

Do you like my apron?

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