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Day of LOVE

February 8, 2012

He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me.

One day out of 365! One day on which couples express their love for each other. One day for an excessive amount of greeting cards sold. One day when bouquet of roses are sent in bundles. One day we outwardly acknowledge our significant others. My question is … what about the other 364? I mean, really?!

So, speaking as a “hopeless romantic” myself, here are some insights into the spirit of Valentine’s Day in Kansas City.

 For the taken:
  • A night out on the town: Le Fou Frog, Coal Vines or Carmens.
  • A day of beauty and rest: at Aestheticare.
  • A day of glitz and glamour: visit Mazzarese Jewelry.
  • A day of blossoming love: Dan Meiners or Flowers by Emily can assist.

For the single ladies and gentlemen:

Scr*w it! You can do all of the above! Whether you’re unattached or happily married going on 30 years. Enjoy your day of love!


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