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Dangers of Eating While Driving

February 15, 2017
  Everyone has had a bite to eat behind the wheel at some point in their driving history. But before you take a bite of that burger, or reach for one of those fresh fries, have you ever stopped to think what danger you might be imposing on yourself? Regardless of how great a driver you think you are, eating while driving has proved to cause some surprising risks! When I first found out about these dangers, I dove into this topic and dug out some research! I learned that the common distractions drivers experience can be divided into three categories:
  • Visual distractions: when a driver’s eyes are diverted away from the road
  • Manual distractions: when the driver’s hands are taken off of the wheel
  • Cognitive distractions: when the driver’s mind focuses away from driving
Eating while driving combines all three of these. Each one of these distractions is dangerous while driving, but when combined they pose an even greater risk. Eating while driving is such a common action for drivers–imagine how many people on the road are imposing these risks every day! Take a look at these alarming statistics from this article:  
  • According to a Lytx study in 2014, a driver who is drinking or eating is 3.6 times more likely to be in an automobile crash than attentive drivers who are not eating or drinking while driving.”
  • “A study by Exxon Mobil of 1,000 drivers discovered that 70 percent of drivers eat while driving and 83 percent drink beverages when they are on the road.”
  Are you as alarmed as I was when I first read these? Be aware of the dangers eating while driving causes and start to be more conscious of the distractions it can impose on you! Next time you take a sip of your commuting coffee or open a bag of chips, just remember to keep your eyes on the road!

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