Crash Course on Crashes!

March 26, 2014

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Your favorite song just came on the radio. You’re super excited, and blast your stereo speakers up. Feeling carefree, you glance down at the time and notice you’re actually going to make it to work on time today. You stop at a traffic light and suddenly a car comes screeching behind you – CRASH!

You have just been in a car accident. Now what?

1. First, check to make sure that no one got hurt. Check for injuries — not only for you and the other driver, but of all the passengers as well.

2. Next, put your hazard lights on. You want other drivers to be aware of what is happening, especially if you are still on the road.

3. Call the police as soon as possible. The police need to come to the scene and file a report, even if it is a small car accident. Make sure to tell the police officer your story, but don’t exaggerate. The insurance companies will be able to read the report and figure out who was at blame.

4. Exchange information with the other driver. Get their name, address, telephone number, driver’s license number, and automobile insurance company info.

5. Since you probably carry a portable camera on your phone,  Make sure to take some snaps of the accident. It can’t hurt to have more evidence on hand for the insurance company.

6. Last but not least, contact your insurer. Now is the time to file a claim with your insurance agency. This can be a longer process then you might hope for.

7. If your car is in a junkyard, make sure you get it out as soon as possible. If you don’t, a lot of money taken out of your claim.

Be safe out on the road. With cell phones, built-in TVs, fast food drive-thrus and more, drivers seem to be more distracted than ever. Make sure that you are not a reckless driver. Put your phone away while driving!

– Infographic from Allstate Insurance

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