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Concrete City

August 22, 2012
We ventured south this weekend and took our first trip to the ever-popular Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead in Overland Park. I was beginning to feel like Henry was the only child so deprived to have not visited this Kansas City treasure. So off we went, envisioning arriving by a quiet dirt road, surrounded by waving wheat.  I was so wrong. Instead, we passed through a massive adjacent soccer complex, and when we arrived at the farmstead, there were concrete parking lots as far as the eye could see. And it made me think: Have you ever noticed how essential these large parking lots are to our world today? I mean, I drove to a farm with overflowing parking lots!

Hooray for parking lots! From getting down with your honey to celebrating your favorite team, parking lots are the place to be. Photo via biodonica

Don’t get me wrong. I love expanses of green space as much as the next person. But you have to admit, parking lots are pretty handy. In fact, they’re downright essential in our car-centric culture. Think about it. They double as:
  • A rest area for emergency diaper changes;
  • A make-out spot for the couple lacking romantic creativity;
  • A course for teenagers to learn to drive without causing bodily harm to others;
  • A tailgating venue;
  • A place to duck when you want to go left, but don’t want to risk that illegal turn;
  • A legal place to make phone calls in phone-free cities (looking at you, Mission!);
  • The perfect location for farmer’s markets, school carnivals, recycling bins and a car wash to benefit your school.
So what’s the most creative use of a parking lot you’ve seen?
And all joking aside… Deanna Rose? Totally worth the drive. Take your kids there, today. I promise you’ll find a place to park.
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