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Christmas traditions, Henry style

December 27, 2011
I looked forward to my family’s Christmas traditions each year, and with Henry now in the picture, it all seems even more important. Though he was much more interested in sleeping and burping for his first Christmas, we tried to start him early on the activities that make our family’s Christmas memorable. On Christmas Eve, we rang the Salvation Army bell at the grocery store and followed that with our traditional soup dinner and candlelight Christmas Eve service. Henry was more interested in eating the bell than ringing it, but he pulled in the big bucks, nonetheless. Christmas morning, we opened our presents then paused to stuff the turkey and the stockings. Our stocking tradition has gotten out of hand, and the goodies now spill over into brown paper bags. This year, our stockings were stuffed with things like milk storage bags, teething rings and baby wipes. Ahh, how times have changed. We enjoyed it all at my parent’s house where my mom has a themed tree in every room. Teddy bears in the family room, snowmen in the dining room, Swedish theme in the kitchen, violins in my room and K-State purple tree in the study. For dinner, we used the Christmas china and ate the same recipes as usual — corn pudding, sweet potato casserole, turkey, mashed potatoes, and pear salad. I finished my Christmas Day with a bubble bath and glass of wine. It was the single greatest present I received the whole day, and a tradition I hope to add to our list. What traditions make your Christmas memorable? LWTK’s mommy blogger, Sarah, is attempting to be a good mama to little Henry, wife to Shea, full-time employee and part-time grad student all while avoiding making dinner from a box every night. In her non-existent free time, she’s running, eating popcorn and blogging about it all at The Gatsby Diaries.

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