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Cheapest Car Upkeep

March 4, 2017
Almost everyone’s life revolves in or around their car. You need it to get to work, to see your friends and family, drop the kids off at school and to complete many other errands throughout the day. The big issue is that we don’t always take the best care of our mighty steed! So what are some quick and easy steps to keep your vehicle looking and feeling good? Here you go: Step 1: Freshen up your scent! That new car smell is one of the best things you can step into. The only problem is that over time, like your favorite black t-shirt, it begins to fade. Well instead of letting everyday odors take over, make your own favorite scent the talk of every car ride! To do this, all you’ll need is a wooden clothespin and a few drops of an essential oil of your choosing. After dropping that oil onto the front of your clothespin, clip it on any vent and let the air flow do the rest!   Step 2: Wax on, wax off! Seeing streaks when your wipers are on? A quick way to clear those away is by running a cloth or wipe containing alcohol to clean off any gunk left over from cleaning off grime or pesky bugs you may have accumulated on the road. Now you have a clear windscreen and full steam ahead!   Step 3: Shine on…with clear headlights! Are your headlights getting foggy? Not only is it extremely important to have a clear view when driving after dusk, it also gives your vehicle a nice look during the day. An easy way to keep your headlights clean and give you the right amount of light is…toothpaste! That’s right! Not only used for keeping your pearly whites gleaming, it can also clear away that grime that’s making your headlights foggy. Use a toothbrush to apply (preferably not the one you use on your teeth) and after covering the whole surface, use a bit of water and an old rag to wipe away. Voilà! Your evening drives will be clearer and safer!   There are plenty of ways to keep your vehicle in great shape without spending a pretty penny. Taking a little time to care for it means it’ll take great care of you all year round.

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