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"We Wish You a Merry Road Trip, and a Happy New Year!"

December 23, 2013
The holiday season is here, and that means one thing, spending lots of time with loved ones! I’m especially excited to visit my family this week, but sometimes long drives can be daunting. If you’re gearing up for a long road trip this winter, make sure to expect the unexpected. You never know if you’ll experience a flat tire, carsickness, or a deer crossing. That is why I’m here to give you some helpful road trip advice this holiday season. 1. Flat Tires- We’ve all experienced the occasional flat tire, and if you haven’t, your time will come. One thing that is important to remember is to bring a spare! Nothing is worse than being stranded in the middle of nowhere with no cellphone reception. Make sure to keep in the back of your trunk a jack, a tire iron or lug wrench, and a spare tire. For advice on changing your tire quickly, visit my previous post located here: How to Change a Tire Quickly 2. Carsickness- When I was a kid on long winding road trips, my mother use to say, “Eyes on the road!.” Carsickness is caused by your body sensing a difference between what you see and what you feel. Looking at the road can balance your inner ear, making you feel less nauseous. If that doesn’t help, try short breaks, and make sure to take deep breaths through your mouth. Breathing deeply has been known to relax the stomach. Also try bringing candy canes for your little ones! Peppermint candy has been known to cure or relieve carsickness, and they will also put you in the holiday spirit. 3. Oh Deer!- Santa’s furry friend could be out walking around at the same time your traveling to your grandmother’s house. Hitting a deer or a moose could be fatal, not only to the animal, but also to you and your passengers. Here are some tips to avoid a collision this holiday season. First tip, read the signs. Deer collisions most often occur in prime animal habitat locations. Road signs will warn you where these animal habitat areas are located. Make sure to reduce your speed, and be cautious of your surroundings. Second tip, use your high beams. When there are no oncoming cars, using your high beams will most likely scare the animal. Plus the light will illuminate more of the area that you are traveling through. Finally, if a deer comes in front of your car, do not swerve, but instead brake firmly. Wishing you and you loved ones a fun and safe road experience this holiday season!    

Thanksgiving + Black Friday + family

November 28, 2013
This weekend is gonna be a good one. Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, good luck if you go Black Friday shopping, and enjoy the time with your family. Oh, and enjoy all the food 🙂
Behind the Wheel, Holiday

What's the scariest experience you've ever had while driving?

November 22, 2013
You know that feeling you get when you’re driving in your car, you look away from the road for half a second, look back and suddenly the car in front of you is a lot closer than it was last time? You hit the breaks and clench the steering wheel and pray that A) you don’t hit the car in front of you, and B) your car doesn’t loudly screech to a stop. Often times it’s no harm, no foul — you vow to  never even blink again while driving and thus will never be caught off guard with slowing cars in front of you. But other times it can result in terrifying incidents. My question for all of my readers: What’s the scariest thing to ever happen to you while driving? I have a one particular story off the top of my head that I’ll share, which is especially applicable because it was around Thanksgiving a few years ago.
I was heading back to school post-Thanksgiving with two other friends. The drive was normally a six-hour one, but once we hit the halfway mark, we also hit a huge snowstorm. Not only was the snow pounding down, but the road was covered in black ice. Traffic was moving pretty slowly to stay safe, but we passed overturned semi-trucks and other cars that had veered off of the road because of the crazy weather. At one point, we were cruising around 30 mph and saw traffic slow in front of us. My friend who was driving hit the brakes but kept sliding towards the car right in front of us! She managed to veer off the road so as to avoid hitting the car, but it was still pretty awful. The weather ended up being so bad that we stayed at a friend of a friend of a friend’s house in the area for the night, and then took off early, early the next morning. Even the next morning, though there weren’t many cars on the road, the road was still covered in snow and snow plows trying to clear the way. Plus, we still decided to drive pretty slowly so as to avoid any potential danger. The three hours it should’ve taken us to get back to school ended up taking us six hours. This was a few years back, but I can still feel the stress I had for an entire 15-straight hours!


October 23, 2013
I LOVE Halloween, and I’ve waited this long, so why not jump the gun and just post this now? In honor of us all being a week out, I found some pretty great trunk-or-treat ideas for all y’all in case you need to decorate your car! Check ’em out 🙂 (And while I’m at it, if you have any pictures of fantastic trunk-or-treat creations, post ’em on my Facebook page!) trunk1 Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 2.12.35 PM trunk2 trunk3 trunk4 trunk5 trunk6