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Car Owner Do’s & Don’ts: With Your Brand New Car!

April 30, 2017
  You just drove home in a brand new car! Congratulations! Whether it’s pre-owned or you’re the first one to drive it, it’s still new to you, and that is something to celebrate! Maybe you’re in that honeymoon phase with your new ride, or maybe you’re overcome with nerves that you might wreck it. Whatever your feelings are towards this ride, there are some simple do’s and don’ts you can follow to help with your new vehicle! DO: Familiarize yourself with your new car! Whether you’re driving a different model than you used to, or just an updated version of your last car, you have some learning to do. Getting used to where the controls are, how the steering wheel feels, and how the brakes react can take some time, but stay observant and it will start to feel normal! DON’T: Forget about maintenance. When you get a brand new car, it’s easy to think that it’s already in perfect shape. Hopefully, it is! But, go ahead and take note of the tire’s tread, air pressure, fuel levels, etc. Just like when you’re renting a new apartment, do a walk around to make note of how the condition is when you get it. Make a mental note to do monthly maintenance checks of your car, and that will help prolong that new car feeling!   DO: Make adjustments to your liking. You paid for this new car, so you deserve for it to fit you just right! I’ve encountered so many people who have driven their car for years being annoyed at the height of their steering wheel or other pesky details. These features should all be adjustable! Don’t think that you have to keep it the way it is, take some time to figure out how to adjust your vehicle’s features to maximize your comfort. DON’T: Let that new car smell fade away! It seems like once this smell fades away, that new car owner excitement does too. So, I have some tips to help you prolong this feeling! This smell that is loved by so many can actually come from the chemicals used to keep your seats and floors soft. Keeping your car well maintained and cleaned is the first step you can take to keep that new car smell going. Also, heat can dry out those chemicals pretty quickly, so beware of the sun! Park in the shade, crack your windows, and use sun shades on your windshield! Not only will these habits help keep the inside of your new car smelling fresh, but it will help prolong the life of your car’s exterior, too!

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